Thursday, October 15, 2015

October Mid-Month Munchies

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     The other day I was at our local grocery store browsing the cereal isle and longing for some good granola. There’s something about autumn that makes me crave granola. Maybe it’s the crunchy leaves or the warm sweaters and blankets that get brought out, but granola and oatmeal are two of my favorite cold weather breakfasts.

     But when you’re gluten free, getting granola can be a challenge. Over the years, I’ve tried a few that nearly knocked my teeth out and a few that were permanently stale, but I had not found one that was truly a good granola. The clusters were always so hard and bland. The filling tended to be grainy or gritty. Just not enjoyable.

     What gives? Why is it so hard to make gluten free granola?

     Well, apparently, this lady named Elizabeth was also wondering that when she set out to make granola that didn’t suck.

     When I found this at the store, it wasn’t shelved along with the other bags of granola it was mixed right in with the other boxes of cereal. After reading the ingredients, I was pretty excited to try it out and tossed it in the cart. Despite my negative experiences in the past, I’m always open to trying new products and was happy to see something I didn’t recognize.

     The company has been around for about six years now, and while I am just now seeing their product at my local store, they have a widely established distribution across the US.

     So I might be a little bit behind on the Purely Elizabeth bandwagon, but this is a good thing! It means it is fairly easy to find around the country at grocers and online at a few different sites.

     The packaging is unique for granola - they vacuum seal it in a pouch.

     You know what my favorite part about granola is?

     The clusters.

     Look at this! It’s cluster heaven!

     And with delicious pecans, this cereal is after this Texas girl’s heart!

     The millet puffs are a little odd to me, but I enjoy the nutty, roasty flavor they impart. They are very similar to corn pops, if you’re familiar with those.

     I finished this box in four sittings and enjoyed it immensely. I will be getting these again and I can’t wait to pick up another flavor to try.

     If you’ve tried this granola or one of her other products, let me know in the comments below what you thought!

- Patricia

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